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Mary Casanova - Books for Young People
Grace by Mary Casanova
written by Mary Casanova
illus. by Sarah Davis
American Girl, Jan. 2015
(PB) 978-1-60958-891-5
Grace Stirs it Up
Grace Stirs it Up
written by Mary Casanova
illus. by Sarah Davis
American Girl, Jan. 2015
(PB) 978-1-60958-892-2
Grace Stirs it Up
Grace Makes it Great
written by Mary Casanova
illus. by Sarah Davis
American Girl, May 2015
(PB) 978-1-609-58951-6
Meet Grace's adorable dog, Bonbon:
Grace's dog, Bonbon.
Grace Stirs it Up,
and Grace Makes it Great
A new American Girl® series!
Grace and Grace Stirs it Up!

A planner at heart, Grace finds the courage to step outside her comfort zone during a trip to Paris that broadens her perspective and challenges her to try new things. Back home, Grace uses her newfound courage and culinary skills to start her own French baking business with her two best friends. Learning to combine their talents, Grace and her friends mix together some great ideas that, ultimately, lead to many sweet rewards.

To bring Grace’s story to life, a full-length movie will is available on DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Grace by Mary Casanova Grace (Book 1)
Grace has big summer plans—starting a business with her friends, Ella and Maddy. When Mom announces a trip to Paris, Grace gets on board, but her trip isn’t all she hoped it would be. She and her French cousin aren’t hitting it off, and Grace’s friends back home have started a business without her. Can Grace step out of her comfort zone, try a few new things, and come up with a successful idea on her own?
Grace Stirs it Up by Mary Casanova Grace Stirs it Up (Book 2)
As Grace starts a baking business with her two best friends, she quickly learns that working with friends isn’t always easy. Neither is owning a dog— especially one like Bonbon, who is having trouble adjusting to her new home. Grace tries to give Bonbon the freedom and playtime she needs. Can she also give her friends what they need to get their business off the ground?
Grace Make it Great by Mary Casanova Grace Makes it Great (Book 3)
When Grace learns that her grandparents' bakery might be closing after 30 years, she's crushed. She can't imagine her life, or her hometown, without the bakery. And how can her own business survive if the one that inspired her cannot? Grace wonders if she and her friends can find a way to help the bakery using their talents and newfound business skills. Can three girls really make a difference? Grace is determined to try.
Grace Movie

Watch the movie trailer for An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success—available on Blu-ray™ and DVD. The movie covers the stories from all three books.

More Fun with Grace

You can find all of the following and more on American Girl's website:

Game: Delicious Duos
Grace loves to bake and French pastries are her specialty. Find a match for each treat before time runs out!

Puzzles, Wallpaper
Put together two puzzles and download them as wallpapers for your computer.

You can find just the right message to brighten a friend's day!

In the Mix with Grace Online Journal
Throughout the year, American Girl fans will get to know Grace through her weekly “In the Mix” online travel and baking journal. The journal will feature a variety of content, including written posts, videos, recipes, photos, polls, guest writers, and user-generated content to connect girls with Grace’s world.

Paid App
Mix, roll, bake, and decorate treats in a French pastry shop just like Grace, Girl of the Year 2015! Please ask your parents before download any app.

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