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Utterly Otterly Night
Utterly Otterly Night
written by Mary Casanova
illus. by Ard Hoyt
Simon & Schuster
November 2011
(HC) 978-1416975625
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Utterly Otterly Night is the fifth picture book for the team of Mary Casanova and Ard Hoyt, and the second book in the “Utterly Otterly” series.

The Utterly Otterly stories are wonderful for reading aloud. Children and adults alike will enjoy the playful language and adventures that Little Otter finds himself in.

Look for more information about Utterly Otterly Night soon. Publication date is November 2011.

Utterly Otterly Night
Reviews and Comments

Few creatures can compete with the otter for unabashed cuteness (certainly its brethren weasels and wolverines can’t). With exuberant pen-and-ink drawings and lively onomatopoeic text, this sequel of sorts to “Utterly Otterly Day” shows the animal at its most appealing. Not all animals see the otter for its slippery good looks, however: a moose towers, and wolves lick their lips. But in the end, “all is right / on a friskily, whiskily, / whooshily, shooshily, / icily, ­dicily, / frightfully, delightfully, / utterly otterly night.”
New York Times Sunday Book Review

In this follow-up to Utterly Otterly Day, Little Otter and his family pop through the frozen ice and slide down snowy hills under moonlight. Casanova’s gently cadenced verse mimics the otters’ movements: “Up and down, the otters play./ They glide and slide,/ in a whooshily, shooshily way.” Little Otter encounters other animals as he plays, including a rabbit, owl, and moose. But atop a high hill, he smells trouble: a pack of wolves. Hoyt’s matte pen-and-ink illustrations create contrast between the smiling, rosy-cheeked otters and the chilly blue of the wild landscape; Little Otter’s tense escape will leave readers relieved by his family’s safe return. Ages 3–6. (Nov.)
Reviewed on: 10/03/2011
Publishers Weekly

Proving to both his family and himself that he is finally big enough, Little Otter faces down danger and saves his family in this satisfying follow-up to Casanova’s Utterly Otterly Day (2008).

On a moonlit night in snowy winter, the otter family pops out from its holt to play in an “utterly, otterly way.” This consists of belly slides down slippery hills, and the delight on their faces makes it likely that readers will itch to imitate them. But the members of the otter family are not the only creatures about. Papa warns of a hunting owl, and another time, Little Otter barely halts one of his wild rides in time to avoid a collision with huge Moose. But it is at the top of the steepest hill yet that Little Otter gets his own first sense of danger: Five wolves are on the prowl. Scared though he is, Little Otter knows what he must do, and he bravely sets about distracting the wolves, warning his family and narrowly evading teeth and claws. Hoyt’s pen-and-ink illustrations wonderfully convey the playfulness and innocence of Little Otter, his every emotion worn on his sleeve. Casanova's onomatopoeic phrases punctuate the action with infectious glee: "Up and down, the otters play. / They glide and slide, / in a whooshily, shooshily way."

A note for parents: Duct tape works well to repair holes torn in snow pants by otter sliding; after reading this book you may need a couple rolls. (Picture book. 3-6)
Reviewed on October 1, 2011
Kirkus Reviews


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