Writing is like … doing dishes (by hand)

doing dishes

Photo credit: kmiragaya

Washing dishes by hand engages all the five senses, something good writing requires, too. Fill a washtub with warm soapy water, and immerse food-crusted plates, coffee-ringed mugs, dirty forks, knives, and spoons. (See ’em?) Hot water–hot enough to turn your hands red, but not scalding (touch). Add dish soap, lemon-scented, perhaps (lemon appeals to sense of taste, as well as smell).

I recently opened a bottle of Palmolive dish soap. The scent immediately transported me back to junior high and my Home Economics Cooking classes.

Doing dishes means sloshing water, sudsing and softly popping soap bubbles, clinking silverware and clanking dishes (Hearing). Fiestaware plates, bowls,and mugs of royal blue, poppy red, yellow, and robin’s egg blue dry on the dish rack, dripping–plop,plip, plip—into the sink. Empty the sink and suds swirl down the drain, a watery tornado. The kitchen sink goes from dirty and piled up—to clean and tidy.

Dishes done. Time to write or read a good book!