A Typical Day

My writing space
 My writing space

I often get asked, “What’s a typical day like for you as a writer?”

Well, no two days are exactly alike, especially if I’m on the road speaking, or finishing up a project under a looming deadline, or cleaning up my desk when it threatens to bury me.

But typically, I like to be at my desk Monday through Friday, starting about 9 am, coffee mug filled.  Some days I light a candle. Some days I play music. I gaze out the windows from my studio and then power-up my computer and begin. I immerse myself in the next scene or chapter, hoping to flesh it out and get about 5 double-spaced pages done by noon or 1 pm.

The time flies.

Then lunch. Afternoons are spent revising, answering e-mails, etc.—or not.

I make time to get away from my desk, too.  I love to go horseback riding on trails that extend deep into state lands.  That’s my way lately of getting out of my head and into nature.  It really helps me relax, plus it gives my subconscious a chance to work.  I need to step away from my creative work and give my brain time to figure out the next step.

Whether I’m at my desk or away from it, so much of my writing process is learning to listen to the story that wants to be told.