Haunted by history

It’s finally here: the release of my young-adult novel Frozen for readers 13 to 103.

I just returned from a two-day photo shoot for an upcoming book trailer for Frozen (I’ll give a shout-out when it’s released!). Traveling on Rainy Lake, with its winding channels and endless islands, reminded me again of this area’s intriguing history and untamed beauty.

For twenty years, I’ve been haunted by an account in Hiram Drache’s KOOCHICHING, a history of the early 1900s in northern Minnesota.  A prostitute was found frozen one morning in the snow; as a joke, someone stood her body up in the corner at the start of a council meeting. This, allegedly, caused quite a stir.

What it churned in me was a deep desire to understand and give voice to this woman’s life and death. Perhaps avenge it. I wanted to know more about her and the challenges women faced in one of the last settled frontiers. It took years before I started writing this story, but when I did, the story’s narrator stepped onto the page—the woman’s daughter, Sadie Rose.

I may be visiting your area soon with my new young adult book Frozen. Check my Facebook Event tab and let me know if you’re coming. Would you like to get one of the first copies of Frozen? Available here.